“To touch that bow is to rest one’s hands on the cosmic nose of things.”

-Jack London, The Cruise of the Snark


Dolphin is a wooden sailboat of about 14 feet in length, with a generous cockpit, watertight flotation, and a unique curved yard, laminated from Sitka Spruce. She was the first boat I built utilizing watertight compartments under the cockpit seating. While primarily designed as a sailing craft, it can easily be rowed and was built with oarlock brackets installed. She was originally built with a Gaff Sail Rig. I have since switched to Balanced Lug and Sprit rigs for the most part, those being easier to build and handle and less prone to problems. Dolphin was exhibited at the 25th Annual Wooden Boat Festival in 2011 and won a Peoples Choice Award. My thanks to Joseph DiMatteo, who purchased Dolphin from me after completion, and put together the photo gallery file included here.